Sangkat Nirouth

$ 2,160,000
Descriptionalong the concrete street, river view.
Super stunning villa for rent 600 m from Chbar Ampov Bridge
$ 1,200
DescriptionVery top secure area, Best for Residential, 6 Nice bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, Furnished, Big Parking
Land for sale in in very good location of Sangkat Nirouth
$ 800,000
DescriptionOn Main street, In the very hot developing zone, Total land size 17 meters by 30 meters (hard title)
$ 220,000
DescriptionAlong the business Street 14 meters width, The total land area 160.5 Sq.m (Hard Title Deed)
$ 450,000
DescriptionHot zone of land for sale and Housing project, The total land size 16 meters x 42 meters, soft title
The good parcel plot of land for sale in Sangkat Niroth-1
$ 645,000
DescriptionIn the developing zone, Total land size 21.5 meters by 60 meters = 1290 Sq.m with a soft title deed
Nice Khmer villa available for sale in Chbar Ampov area-1
$ 380,000
DescriptionA small villa with a big land, The total land size 12 m x 60 m, House size 8 m x 16 m (soft title)
Land with a small villa for sale in Khan Chbar Ampov
$ 450,000
DescriptionLand with a small villa, Total land size 15 m x 58 m, House size 8.5 m x 21 m (soft title deed)
Land for Sale in Good Location, Khan Chbar Ampov
$ 875,000
DescriptionJust 20 meters from National Road 1, Street 16 meters wide, L-size 17.5 m x 50 m
Western villa for sale in Niroth disrict Chbar Ampov
$ 350,000
DescriptionL-Size 10m x 27m, H-Size 9,5m x 16m, 03 Master Rooms, Nice Designed, Parking...
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